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About H4K

The Mission of Harlem4Kids is to support an inclusive network of Harlem families and to further enrich the lives of our children through fun and creative programs that celebrate cultural diversity.

Core Values

Our core values as an organization are based on the vision that we, the Harlem4Kids team members, share for our own children. This vision is for families of all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds to be united through mutual respect and understanding, and to work together toward the betterment of our children and the Harlem community as a whole.

Board of Directors

Harlem4Kids is a parent-run organization made up of 9 board members who serve the organization on a volunteer basis. The board members include mothers with deep roots in Harlem and with backgrounds in law, business, public relations, fundraising and the arts.

The H4K board consists of Lisa Jones Brown, Satrina Boyce, Cynthia Eytina, Remeise Chandler, Zurn Porter, Wanjiro Gethaiga, Amanda Fuller, Kaaryn Nailor, and Petrushka Bazin.

Harlem4Kids receives Community Service Award

Harlem4Kids Board of Directors

with members of the Dahka Band

In Memory of our Co-Founder, Christine Kang-Hui

Harlem4Kids co-founder, Christine Kang-Hui, was an inspiration to many. Her unwaivering dedication and commitment to helping others was a driving force, not just to Harlem4Kids, but to many in the Harlem community and beyond.


Harlem4Kids is a parent-run, non-profit that was established in 2006. The organization was founded by five neighborhood parents and is still run exclusively by a board of parent volunteers.

The history of Harlem4Kids began in January of 2006 with the formation of the Harlem Parents Co-op. The group met every Saturday to attend a class offered by Miss Mellie Rainbow. With few activities for very young children being offered in the neighborhood at that time, members of the group teamed up to create the blueprint for an inclusive, cooperative storytime program. The group reached out to the Harlem community, handing out flyers and by word-of-mouth, inviting anyone with a young child to participate in the program. In June of 2006, the group's name was changed to Harlem4Kids and the Board was established.

In August of 2006, the board founded the Harlem4Kids listserv, which provides an open forum for members of the community to exchange dialogue on topics of interest and serves to support an inclusive network of Harlem families.

Another cornerstone of Harlem4Kids is giving back to the community. Harlem4Kids, along with the families that have participated in its programs, has supported charities in the community through clothing swap events and coat drives.

Through its creative storytime program, lively seasonal events and active listserv, Harlem4Kids has become well-known in the Harlem community. The activities of Harlem4Kids have brought many families together and allowed Harlem4Kids to partner with other local groups such as the JCC Harlem, Harlem Chapter of Mocha Moms, Friends of Morningside Park, the Police Athletic League of Harlem and others.

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